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BIE remembers Bill Dobson 2019

Members of the BIE Australasian Division met together 6 February, 2019, at the Pinnaroo Cemetery to remember past chairman and friend, Bill Dobson.  Refer gallery for photos.

Membership Application 2018 - British Institute of Embalmers Australasian Division

Application for admittance to membership of The British Institute of Embalmers from a qualified embalmer permanently resident outside the British Isles who has passed the examination prescribed by the Institute or an equivalent as approved by the Institute.

Embalming Machine Maintenance 101

Written by Alex Nelson MBIE for the 2016 Annual Australasian Division Conference – Melbourne, Australia. 

Questions People Ask About Funerals

...Contrary to popular belief, modern embalming is not Ancient Egyptian mummification but the process of hygienically treating the deceased with specifically formulated chemicals, injected through the arterial systems of the body.