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Please navigate through all the areas and familiarize yourself with the various areas that are of interest to you. If you have any suggestions as to additional items of interest, please contact Michael Hodges or Ian Warren. Current Members are directed to the latest news, conference updates and articles.

A Short Message from the Australasian Divisional Chair

  • The Chairman's Message 2014

    To serve in one's community practising the Art and Science of Embalming is a privilege and an honour. The trust given to the Embalmer by the family should never be taken lightly and it demands that the utmost respect and care is given at all times.

    These values are core attributes in holding membership with the British Institute of Embalmers. With our Australasian Division, the Committee Members are dedicated to providing ways for the membership to adhere to our code of practice and also for individual development.





Every year in early to mid-February the BIE Australasian Division holds it AGM and Conference.

What is Embalming

Embalming is the art and science of treating a deceased person with chemicals to slow down putrefactive changes.


On successful completion of the theoretical and practical examinations, the award of membership may be made, upon application,